About the blogger

Gelo is a gentleman. He opens doors and offers to front the bill, the classy kind of guy. He’s a nice guy who’s trying to get in touch with his darker side. Though mostly soft-spoken, he knows a lot of things and has an opinion about almost everything. He’s into movies, a self-professed cinephile and filmaholic, especially the golden classics, and looks like a kid opening his first Christmas gift whenever he watches them.

A Note from the blogger:

I go to every single movie screening with a child-like curiosity, I love watching movies because it feels like walking into a new world for the very first time. When the lights go down, I forget the theater and just embrace what’s happening on screen. When I watch movies in my room, I sit on the floor like a kid watching Saturday morning cartoons. I lost sight of that feeling for a time, and when I rediscovered it, it gave me the drive to start this little endeavor.

I set up this site for one thing, and that is to share my love for film. My dream for this site is for other people to read and go: “I never thought of it that way,” or “I didn’t notice that before.” My blog isn’t bent on changing opinions, rather its about enriching experiences. If you leave my site feeling like watching a movie or with a spark about film that you didn’t have before, then you’ve made my week right there.

PS: Special thanks to Carl Gayanelo and Gani Tornilla for helping me come up with the site name and general idea for it, and to all the people who told me to go for it! :)

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