My Ten Cents On: Faster

Ladies and gentlemen, everyone’s favorite wrestler-turned-actor named after an inanimate object is back, and this time, he’s not wearing Tooth Fairy wings. He now plays an ex-convict who just got out of prison and is looking to avenge the death of his brother, by killing everyone responsible. I know, its such an original story! I mean its not like there are that many films where a hero is tortured by the death of someone in his family and swears vengeance, right? (The Brave One, Death Sentence, Law-Abiding Citizen, Star Wars, Batman, Spiderman to name a few) But the difference here, is that you don’t have the Rock toting around a revolver in any of them (I know Jodie Foster had a revolver in the Brave One, but lets face it,  it’s not the same thing, Jodie Foster is way more intimidating.) Now I know what you’re thinking: crappy generic action movie with generic muscle-bound actor, I mean, check the trailer. That’s what I was thinking too! And then the movie started…

+ The Bad-assedness

From this. . . to this. . . to THIS!!

Blood, gore and horrible death, these are a few things most of the Rock’s movies were missing. For an action star, you’d think he’d have done a few more gory movies, I mean, Tooth Fairy, The Game Plan (which I actually kind of liked), Race To Witch Mountain, and cameos in both Hannah Montana and Cory  in the House, you’d think a guy who hits other guys with steel chairs for a living would have chosen a more adult-oriented film career.

Anyway, not to gripe about the past, what is done is done… Unfortunately. But what’s here is the present, and what is present is the Rock in his most bad-ass role to date. All he does in this movie is walk, drive, fight, and shoot people, and for an action movie, you couldn’t ask for more! I wish more movies would strip away the forced drama, the wire-fu martial arts, the CG, and all that flash, and just spend some money on making someone’s head blow up with fake realism. I don’t need to see Jason Statham drive his car up a ramp to do a corckscrew in order to have a crane scrape off a bomb that’s attached to his under-chassis.

The beauty of this movie is how simple the action is. He walks in, kills someone, then walks out. Simple. Cool.

+ The Rucer Super Redhawk Alaskan

Okay picture this. Gun on top (The Rock's) is STRONGER than gun on bottom. How awesome is that?!

This is the name of the revolver that the Rock carries around. I know that in the hands of the 6’6″ hulk of muscle and eyebrow, the gun looks tiny, but the awesome thing is, it is actually pretty small, yet it fires .454 caliber bullets, with a very loud and strong BOOM. So let’s sidebar into a quick gun mini-lecture, which I just learned myself thanks to this wikipedia article. The caliber refers to the diameter of the bullet, so the higher the caliber, the bigger the bullet. The bigger the bullet, the more force is behind it as it’s fired.

This gun has its own little plus here because of the simple fact that it caused SO MUCH DEATH AND DESTRUCTION. I mean, in one scene, the Rock fired it and it chewed out a huge chunk of a marble pillar. I don’t know if that gun can really do that, but it was awesome to see. When you see the scenes after the Rock shoots up the place, you’d be caught in awe at how messed up the places (and people) look after the firing is done.

Well, that’s about it for the awesomeness! Lets go into the… not as awesome part.

– The Killer subplot

The movie actually follows three characters, The Driver, played by The Rock, The Cop, played by Billy Bob Thornton, and The Killer, played by Oliver “I’m only here for eye-candy” Jackson-Cohen. Now, I get the the following of the Driver and the Cop, but the storyline of the Killer just seems so forced. I mean, the character itself, without spoiling too much, is so deep and complex, that he should have had his own movie with such an interesting relationship he has with his girlfriend, and not have to be strung in as a secondary plot. He was by far the most POTENTIALLY interesting character in the whole movie, and I’m sure that the movie was trying to go all The Dark Knight and create a psycho-philosophical relationship between the ideals of the Driver, the Cop, and the Killer, not unlike the Batman – Harvey Dent – Joker triangle, but in a movie of much less depth, it just wasn’t any good and all it did was to take away from the main plot, which was a lot less subtle and complex.

If you ask me, a movie like this didn’t need that much depth, when it was simple, it was beautifully simple, and for a decent action movie, that’s all it had to be.

– The Cop

I’m sorry to fans of the guy (which I think may be a relatively small group), but I never really liked Billy Bob Thornton. Okay, kudos on pile-driving Halle Berry, good on him for that, but seriously, he just doesn’t strike me so much in most of his roles. Add that to the horrible writing of his character, and you have an extremely unlikeable, un-redeeming character who just irritates you. Plus he’s written so obviously that just 10 minutes into the movie, I could see the twist coming at the end A MILE AWAY. I won’t say that it is, but I have a feeling if you watch it, you’ll go, “I knew it all along!” when the movie ends, and for some people, like my dad, he likes that. As for myself, as an avid movie watcher, I don’t mind the that films follow movie tropes and certain patterns, but I rarely like it when movies present a twist ending that you knew the answer to right away. I mean most movies make me guess at least for a while, and that’s always a fun part of movies for me.

My Cent’s Worth: 6.5/10

Its not the best action movie out there, but it definitely isn’t the worst either. As far as pure action movies go, it is definitely one of the better ones. I will say that it is now one of my favorite movies of The Rock, and if  you’re simply looking for a movie to fill up your evening slot, and want to watch something that’ll satisfy your balls more than your brains, then Faster is one of the movies for you!


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